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Powerful Ayurvedic formula for bleeding and non bleeding piles

Over 12 lac capsules sold

More than 21000 happy and treated customers

Super Piles Act® is an ayurvedic medicine approved by Aayush, Govt of India for the treatment of advanced piles. Internal and external piles, bleeding piles, acute anal fissures. Its unique formulation is a combination of rare and pure herbal extracts developed by DR Sushil Saini in 2005 and trusted by thousands of treated customers and recommended by many Doctors and Pharmacists all over India.
Super Piles Act® caps not only provide symptomatic relief but cure the root cause of the disease.


  • Helps in reducing rectal bleeding( controls bleeding effectively)
  • Relief from pain, itching and pricking sensation
  • Prevents reoccurrence
  • Helps shrink piles
  • Relief from constipation
  • Trusted by more than 21000 people

SUPER PILES ACT® CAPSULES & OINTMENT (since 2005) Customer Reviews

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SBH Alopecia Areata spray Medicine
SBH Alopecia Areata spray Medicine
SBH Alopecia Areata spray Medicine

Trusted and recommended by renowned doctors

What is piles or hemorrhoids?

Every 2-3 out of 10 people suffer from constipation which leads to piles
Piles are the result of swollen veins in the anus and rectum which can cause tissue growth in and around the anal area. These growth vary in size and location
Types of piles
Internal piles: Internal piles occur with in the rectum and usually is not visible outside or externally. Internal piles are further divided into four categories
Grade 1 – Piles growth does not show much symptoms and do not protrude or come outside of the anus
Grade 2– In this case the piles may protrude from the anus but it can go back inside independently
Grade 3 – The piles prolapse outside of the anus and does not return independently, it goes inside when pushed manually
Grade 4 – The piles prolapse outside permanently and it can’t be pushed back by hand or manually

External piles: In this condition piles form lumps outside the anal area which may vary in size. The external piles are very itchy and may be very painful too

What should I avoid if I have piles ?

  • White flour
  • Cheese
  • Chips
  • Fast food
  • Ice cream
  • Red meat
  • Processed foods ( hot dogs , burgers pizzas etc )
  • Too much coffee and alcohol
  • Avoid sitting in toilets for long periods and don’t strain for stools

What shoud I eat when I have piles ?

  • Eating foods that are high in fibre can make stool softer and easier to pass.
  • Drink lots of fluids specially salted lassi ( butter milk)
  • Legumes and whole grains
  • Root vegetables specially radish or mooli
  • Apple
  • Cucumber and melons
  • Pears
  • Broccoli
  • Bananas
  • Bell peppers

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. Does superpilesact work and in how many days we get results?

    Superpiles act is an ayurvedic medicine prepared from highly effective herbs and it starts showing results in 2-3 day.
  • 2. Does superpilesact cure fissure and fistula?

    Yes superpilesact helps you to get relief from fissure and fistula.
  • 3. How long I need to take product?

    The recommended duration is 15 days but it can be extended until complete resolution of symptoms
  • 4. Is superpiles act caps safe?

    Yes its hundred percent herbal with no side effects.
  • 5. Who can take it?

    It can be taken by adult men and women. Prgnanat ,nursing women or indivisuals taking any other medication should consult physician before use.
  • 6. Do I need to follow special diet while using the products?

    Eat more of fibrous fruits and vegetables, use whole grain and legumes. Drink plenty of water, avoid spicy food.
  • 7. I am on allopathic medicines. Can I take superpilesact capsules with it?

    Yes , superpilesact is herbal medicine and has no interaction with allopathic medicines.

26 reviews for SUPER PILES ACT® CAPSULES & OINTMENT (since 2005)

  1. Priya

    thanks superpilesact for saving me from surgery

  2. Rohim

    I recommended to my uncle , he is ok too

  3. Umesh

    worth praising product

  4. Suraj

    very beneficial

  5. Subhra das

    believe me , it’s best medicine for piles

  6. Torun das

    keep serving the humanity

  7. Sume

    much better than Allopathic or homeopathic medicine

  8. Susantodas

    excellent ayurvedic product

  9. Javed

    thanks for selling such products online

  10. Komal

    God bless

  11. Mostafijur hoque

    power of ayurveda 👏excellent results

  12. Ayan Varma

    I got cured , thank you

  13. Waril Alli

    super product

  14. Goutam Halder

    Worth product

  15. Hridoy Ojha

    Just go for it

  16. Raj

    excellent product for bleeding piles available online 👍

  17. Riyaz

    i was suffering from this deadly disease, lot of relief after taking superpilesact capsules

  18. Disha

    nice medicine for piles

  19. Amitesh

    it works , thanks

  20. Payel Sarkar

    wow product

  21. Akash Das

    amazing product

  22. Rikuh

    very good

  23. Romla

    I thought we dont get nice products online but super piles act is very good product for piles

  24. Nawaz Abdulla

    lots of relief, thank you ❤️

  25. Shamser Singh

    I was crying 😢 in pain , mujhe laga operation karwana padega , kismat achhi thi ye product mila , there is no bleeding now 🙏

  26. Rahul Sharma

    good product

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