Painofree capsules and oil


Sets you free from pain
Ayurvedic pain killer capsules for joints, back , knee and neck
Since 2003, trusted by thousands of customers
30 days pack
Painofree oil free with this pack
Are you suffering from sore or stiffness of the joints
Have you observed stiffness or limited range of motion
Have you noticed cracky sound when you bend
Have you observed some swelling around your joints
Have you noticed that pain in the joints gets worse after any activity or towards the end of the day
Then please don’t wait—–
Treat yourself with painofree capsules and oil , a trusted , registered, GMP certified, aayush approved, safe and herbal medicine for joint pains including back knee back neck etc


Helps to reduce joint ;pains, sprain and strain

Helps to reduce stiffness and swelling

Helps improve flexibility of joints, knees, legs, back and wrist

100 percent ayurvedic

Safe for long time use

How to use

One cap in morning, one in the evening with milk or water or as directed by physician

massage painofree oil  gently on the affected area twice a day, till the oil gets absorbed

its best to warm oil for better results.


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