While Alopecia can cause some serious cause for concern, we at SBH belive that our Ayurvedic Hair Vitalizer Spray can help you to regain the full luster of your crowning glory. Our extensive research in developing this product can help you in bringing back the hair you lost, stronger & more beautiful.



Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. Is Alopecia Areata a serious problem

    Alopecia Areata is not usually a serious medical condition, but it can cause lot of anxiety & stress.

  • 2. Can anxiety cause Alopecia Areata ?

    Severe stress is also thought to contribute alopecia areata.

  • 3. Does Alopecia Areata spread ?

    Alopecia Areata often begins suddenly with oval or round bald patches appearing most commonly on scalp.
    Others areas of hairy skin may also be involved. New patches may spread by joining existing patches.

  • 4. Are there any side effects of SBH Alopecia Areata Spray ?

    Alopecia Areata Spray is POSSIBLY SAFE to apply on the scalp, hair or areas affected with alopecia areata.
    There are no adverse effects.

  • 5. What results can i expect for this product ?

    In most cases, the results can be seen after 3 weeks of regular use.

Additional information

Weight Brand Disclaimer
100ml SBH LIFE SCIENCES Results may vary from person to person and as per the individual’s diet and workout. This product is not intended to cure any illness.


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