Nightfall Treatment Medicine – SD YOG Granules

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SD yog formulation is based on the extensive study of ours thousands of years old Granthas, It is an Ayurvedic medicine to help control night fall / night discharge or nocturnal emissions which refers to an involuntary ejaculaion while sleeping. SD yog granules are prepared after a deep study by Ayurvedic Qualified Experts whose hard work has given relief to more than 30000 patients PAN India.


  • Helps in managing night fall
  • It helps to relieve anxiety and provides cheerfulness
  • It helps to relieve physical weakness and makes face charming
  • It helps to produce fresh and purify quality of semen
  • 100 % ayurvedic
  • No side effects


How to use

  • In summers one teaspoon twice a day with cold milk or fruit juice
  • In winters with lukewarm milk or as directed by the physician


  • Avoid spicy, fried food, pickles, excess tea coffee
  • SD YOG granules are recommended for both young and old people


  • Regular nightfall is a symptom of erectile dysfunction
  • It reduces the sperm count in mens body and can cause infertility
  • Only men suffer from night fall problems
  • Only porn addicted face night fall problems
  • There is no medicine for night fall


  • How many nightfalls in a month is normal?

    Once in a month for married maen and twice a month for young man is accounted to be normal.
  • Which doctor should I consult for nightfall problems?

  • How can I stop having wet dreams?

  • Do women also have wet dreams?

  • Who can take sd yog granules?

10 reviews for Nightfall Treatment Medicine – SD YOG Granules

  1. Sujan

    Thank u sir for ur help

  2. Suman Das

    meri dhaat girne ki prob solve ho gyi ab

  3. Debasu

    I used to get wet while seeing dreams at night , felt very awkward but after taking this medicine, it has Stopped completely

  4. Anshul Saini

    I used to find my inner wear wet in the morning every second or third day , after using SD yog the problem is solved completely

  5. Apate Apate

    It has helped me to get rid of night fall problem

  6. Subrata

    Good product for premature and night fall

  7. Tanish

    excellent product for night fall

  8. Rahin

    I use to notice semen coming out with urine , it has made me weak , after using sd yog for one month , the problem has been solved and my face has become charming 🙏

  9. Payel Sarkar

    it has not only helped me in night fall but increased my timing also

  10. Subha Ghosh

    sd yog had made my semen thick

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